Patch Readers

Thank you for clicking on my Patch  ad !

I am very interesting in your renovation project ideas! Please call me to set up an appointment so I can get a good understanding of where you are in the process, and how we can help. Typically, these steps come next:

  1. We meet
  2. I listen and understand. (most important)
  3. We take  lots of pictures, make product selections, and develop alternatives
  4. We develop a detailed, phased proposal
  5. Schedule
  6. Get it done!

Please browse this wordpress site  for project descriptions of what we have done.  I am adding content to the site every week.

Right now, we are renovating a Victorian in Reading, built in 1895. We are installing over 30 new windows, installing new trim and siding, installing a new Victorian fireplace, building new stairs for the decks, renovating the Laundry room, and, well anything else that comes up while we are there.

Pricing: We are highly competitive with other contractors, and considerably less than the big ones.

References: We have awesome references, any of whom would be willing to talk to you. 100% of our customers have great things to say about us. We would like to add you to the list.

CALL ME – – Dave Murphy 617-201-4375.  Unless I am on the phone, I answer all my calls, and I return all my messages.


T H A N K S   F O R   Y O U R   I N T E R E S T !

I look forward to hearing from you!



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